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Bot missing on join of banned IP

General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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Bot missing on join of banned IP

Post by fusionx »


Eggdrop 1.9.1 and Blacktools 2.5.5

I have an issue where my Eggdrop bot is in two channels. I've set a simple permanent ban on *!** in both channels.

When this user (which is a link bot) enters either channel, one channel at a time, the bot responds and sets the ban, and kicks the link bot out. Perfect.

But, when the link bot enters both channels at roughly the same time, my bot only seems to "notice" the link bot in one channel, and bans and kicks it there, and ignores the link bot in the 2nd channel.

If I manually kick the link bot out of that 2nd channel, it auto-rejoins, and the bot sees it and enforces the ban without issue.

Any ideas on why this would happen? That's the only time I've ever seen this.

Thanks in advance!
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