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SpiKe passed away please send Condolence for his wife

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SpiKe passed away please send Condolence for his wife

Post by afrit »

mister SpiKe help us a lot please here is the email from his wife anyone who know this great man should send his wife a messahe of Condolence :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

RE: Script Request
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Starr <>
dim. 7 janv. 14:35 (il y a 16 heures)
À moi

Hello Afrit
I am sorry to say SpiKe passed away on Nov 8th 2023 from a long battle with
cancer. I am his wife and as far as I know that was the only script he
released for the earthquake. Most likely the site that provided the
information for the earthquakes changes and that is why it does not respond.
You might try posting on the forum and someone else may be willing to make
it work again.
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Re: SpiKe passed away please send Condolence for his wife

Post by CrazyCat »

So sad, SpiKe^^ helped a lot of pple here, and I liked to confront our solutions to a same trouble, he gave me alternatives perspectives on some developments.

Cya SpiKe^^.
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Re: SpiKe passed away please send Condolence for his wife

Post by willyw »


For those that knew him from IRC: ... rd-fischer

Spike^^^ was the former owner of this forum. And the TCL Archive, too. Not sure who owns the archive now...

He was ALWAYS friendly, and most helpful, when contacted. He's helped me, many times.

But perhaps his lasting IRC legacy will be BogusTrivia. It would impossible to calculate all the hours that so many, many players of trivia on IRC have racked up, enjoying the game that he created. Just think of it ...

Rest well, Spike^^^.
And one last time: Thank you !
For a fun (and popular) Trivia game, visit us at: #science-fiction . Over 300K Q & A to play in BogusTrivia !
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Re: SpiKe passed away please ….

Post by Danielsob »

Can the forum members share their experiences and insights on how to cope with the loss of a fellow member, SpiKe, and offer support to his grieving family and friends during this difficult time?
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