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Any specific IDEs

Issues often discussed about Tcl scripting. Check before posting a scripting question.
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Any specific IDEs

Post by ConnieHarris »

Are there any specific IDEs or editors that you find particularly useful for TCL script development? Any features that enhance the TCL coding experience?
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Re: Any specific IDEs

Post by CrazyCat »

Some editors, as notepad++ with windows, have tcl code highligting.
komodo has been retired but you can find OpenKomodoIDE @ (didn't tested)
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Re: Any specific IDEs

Post by willyw »

This pastebin:

has a "syntax check" function. Finds your mistakes for you. It can be VERY helpful.

Unfortunately, the ability to post with password protection is broken. Has been, for a long time now. :(
You can still post there, but you just can't make it private.

No matter, for syntax checking though. You don't even have to post at all to use that function. :)

I hope this helps.
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