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General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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Post by MRE »

Hellow all

I have config my eggdrop bot. botname.conf

Now i type on irc lient software (mirc) follow: /msg botname hello
I get: botname hello

But next?
How to become in the partyline?
i dont see any bot is comming online, there is no bot.
Also /invite botname channel works not.
i read the eggdrop documents and it say:

you must connected to the partyline and sertup the user and pas and add to channel.
But i cant login into my partyline. :wink:

i open my "putty" go to other on "telnet" and place my server ip.
than the bot port number. (this one verry sure its the right one)
and putty will not connected.
iff that works, i need the handle... also i dont have any handle..... i have "user" settings.
How become into the partyline?


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