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IRCcloud BanMask Corrector

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IRCcloud BanMask Corrector

Post by simo »

an updated version of irccloudbanmask corrector for dalnet:

Code: Select all

namespace eval IRcCloudCorrector {

 bind mode - "% +b" [namespace current]::correct-irccloud

 proc correct-irccloud {nick uhost hand chan mc ban} {

         if {![botisop $chan]} { return 0 }

       set userList [chanlist $chan]

       foreach nxz  $userList {
   		   if {![matchaddr $ban $nxz![getchanhost $nxz $chan]]} continue
            if {[isop $nxz $chan] || [ishalfop $nxz $chan] || [matchattr [nick2hand $nxz] "fnmo|fnmo" $chan]} { pushmode $chan -b $ban ; flushmode $chan ; continue }
            if {[string match -nocase "*@*irccloud*" $ban]} { lappend kickList($chan) $nxz } 

        if {[info exists kickList($chan)]} {
         foreach nxz $kickList($chan) {
        set count [llength $kickList($chan)]
       if {$count > 1} { pushmode $chan -b $ban ; flushmode $chan ; return 0 
     } else { 

                   set chost [string trimleft [getchanhost $nxz $chan] "~"]
                   set ident  [lindex [split $chost @] 0]
                   set xbmaskx [string map {sid id uid id} $ident]
                   set bmask  *!*$xbmaskx@*
                  pushmode $chan +b $bmask 
                  pushmode $chan -b $ban 
        flushmode $chan

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