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Post by thommey »

Hello all,

a long time ago it became clear that, unfortunately, was unmaintained and slennox (the admin) became unreachable.

The importance of can't be overstated for Eggdrop development and the Eggdrop community as a whole.
We thank slennox wholeheartedly for over two decades of providing Eggdrop users a place to exchange modules, scripts, tips and learn about Eggdrop.

The forum was transfered to SpiKe^^ a few years ago and he continued to host and moderate it. We are very thankful for that service, which allowed the Eggdrop community to continue to use the forum and prevented decades of useful Eggdrop tips and discussions to be lost.

SpiKe^^ has now transfered the hosting and moderation of the forum to us (Eggheads) and you are looking at an upgraded version of the forum software.

All content has been migrated, user logins have been kept and permissions should be the same as before. This is the new home of the Eggdrop community forum.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at, on the libera IRC network on #eggdrop, or post on the Off-Topic forum.

Any content created on the forum between Nov 10 2023 and Nov 22 2023 has been lost in the migration, sorry about that.
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Re: forum move

Post by Sir_Fz »

Thank you thommey and SpiKe^^ for keeping this community alive. I hope slennox is doing well wherever he is.
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