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NET: SSL read failed. Non-SSL connection?

General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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NET: SSL read failed. Non-SSL connection?

Post by skull »

I have a 1.9.1 eggdrop installed on Debian bullseye under Hyper-V on Windows 10.

I'm connecting to a server via SSL and that's just fine, but after some hours of uptime I get the subject message in DCC CHAT, followed by a disconnection.
The error message is "connection reset by peer".

Does anybody know what may be happening?
I'm using weechat on the same VM, connected to the same network as the bot, but it doesn't seem to have issues (doesn't disconnect).

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Post by geek »

in partyline:

Code: Select all

.console +d
and then report logs in [url]irc://[/url]

Post by skull »

Did that, thanks.

Issue not resolved tho.
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Re: NET: SSL read failed. Non-SSL connection?

Post by vam2u »

@skull did you manage to resolve the issue?
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