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Is it ok use vwait varname ? no... it doesn't run.

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.

Is it ok use vwait varname ? no... it doesn't run.

Post by raid3n »

Hi all! I have a question for you:
I have code like this:
the varname registrato is the respective "registered" in english.

Code: Select all

bind raw - 307 proc:whois
bind join - * proc:join

proc proc:whois { f k t } {
global registrato
set registrato on

proc proc:join {n uh h c} {
global registrato
set registrato off
putserv "WHOIS $n"
     if {$registrato == off} {
      puthelp "NOTICE $n :text"
When a user join the channel the egg whois him. But my problem is that proc:join finish earlier than proc:whois. The varname $registrato don't wait that proc:whois update itself.
I try to use "vwait $registrato" but it doesn't run. After "WHOIS $n" the proc proc:join must wait that proc:whois finished his work.
Help me! ...and excuse me my horrible english.
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Post by Sir_Fz »

use arrays, example instead of registrato use registrato([string tolower $nick]) and set for each a different element (i.e. on/off)
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Post by ppslim »

Tcl and eggdrop do not operate in the way you want.

vwait casues eggdrop to block, IE, the whois reply is never read from the buffer, let alone calling the whois proc.

What you need to do is let the proc finish, and listen for the end of whois RAW numeric.

When you get this, you can output stored data.