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cursor keys don't work as expected

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.

cursor keys don't work as expected

Post by subbass »

Hi, I was previously running mandrake 10 community edition and have now upgraded to the official final. The addition of a router has broken dcc chat with my bots at least for now so am having to use telnet more.

However, when I telnet in I cannot use the cursor keys to edit a line as i type it, or press cursor up to repeat command, instead of it working like that I get these escape codes ^[[A ^[[B ^[[C ^[[D for the four arrows

I pretty darned certain this behaved properly previously, I've used the same bot config, and even compiled another in case it was a compile problem between the different versions. a normal console behaves correctly, its only when logged into the bot.

Am I mistaken in thinking this didn't do this before and theres some fix?

Many Thanks.
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Post by dollar »

This is telnet.... not eggdrop.
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Post by subbass »

If i telnet into my shell, or my own box (ssh or telnet) and use the shell normally then it behaves correctly... its only when i telnet into the eggdrop itself, I don't recall it doing this before

its certainly a pain when i got half a dozen .chattrs to do with same flags, much nicer to cursor up and edit the user name
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Post by ]Kami[ »

Well, i had this always when i used telenet, and eggdrop was running on linux...

Post by subbass »

ok thanks
I guess I just don't recall it beaving this way as previously I mostly used dcc.
the netgear router I got doesn't like to do a loopback connection with dcc so i'm buggered i think. time to setup a botnet with my shell i think as I can dcc to the remote shell fine.

Thanks guys
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Post by ppslim »

Indeed, that is the correct behaviour.

Remember, this is eggdrop, and not a telnet server.

Telnet is designed for console control, whilst eggdrop is designed as a simple interactive interface, nothing more.

The only reason you DCC client supports this, is because you are editing the string to be sent in your client, before it is sent to the bot.

In telnet, each character is sent as you type, and buffered until you hit return or enter.