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Namespaces .. i think

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Namespaces .. i think

Post by Figga »

Hi , im trying to develop a script that takes it triggers from another script , i need it to catch events that appear on the partyline ,,
do i use "namespace eval" or not ?

if so , whats the syntax for this , i have checked man pages all over but i dont understand them very well

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De Kus
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Post by De Kus »

no need to worry about namespaces. their main purpose is to avoid name collions with var and proc names. by edititing one word, the whole script gets another prefix. at least I haven't seen another real purpose for using namespaces :D.
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Post by Alchera »


A namespace is a collection of commands and variables. It encapsulates the commands and variables to ensure that they won't interfere with the commands and variables of other namespaces. Tcl has always had one such collection, which we refer to as the global namespace. The global namespace holds all global variables and commands. The namespace eval command lets you create new namespaces.
Tcl Built-In Commands - namespace manual page
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