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link eggdrops 16.15 +16.17 - flag l

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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link eggdrops 16.15 +16.17 - flag l

Post by daltanius »

Hi all.

i have hub (eggdrop1.6.15) and i want link some eggdrops 1.6.17.
i know that eggdrops 1.6.17 add all user with flag l ( user of eggdrops 1.6.15 don't have flag l).
Can i have problems if i do link?

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Post by Elleroth »

I have this problem too. They seem to mismatch the .attr +l (halfop) flag (even with an all 1.6.17 net) to the .botattr +l (leaf). Then the slaves start fighting with each other and the hub, usually disconnecting and stating that the hub has unleaflike behavior.

This is especially annoying because I don't have any bots specifically set to leaf in the first place. So I'm still stuck with a 1.6.15 network. :x

Also, the +l flag will still be there even if I set .attr -l or .botattr -l on any or all 1.6.17 bots. If .die is issued and the +l is then manually removed from a userfile, they will automatically +l again upon restart.

I should also probably note that this only starts to happen after more than 2 bots are connected to each other in a mixed network (1.6.15 and 1.6.17). I don't believe I've tried all 1.6.17 yet or, if I did, I don't recall what the result was.
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De Kus
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Post by De Kus »

well, why do you not use a pure 1.6.17 network then? *just asks, what anyone would ask*
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