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bot dont reconize me

General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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bot dont reconize me

Post by tolkien »

ok i have moved so hostname all different so when i sign on to my irc channel and auth myself my bot deops me and q ops me and this goes on forever, how to i fix this.

this what i see in my irc

-bot- I don't recognize you from that host.
-bot- Either you are using someone else's nickname or you need to type: /MSG bot IDENT (password)

when i do this i get no response and no response when i try to dcc chat the bot
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Post by Nor7on »

maybe u try with:

/MSG bot IDENT <password> <Handle>


join in partyline via telnet, and change ur hostnames.
first remove ur old host, and add u new host.
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Post by YooHoo »

most likely you have disabled this function from within the shell... more accurately, you have failed to enable this function. go to your shell, do a search for 'ident', and un-comment this line and restart your bot. this will allow you to use the IDENT command 8)
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Post by xapim »

im having the same problem my eggs dont recognize me i always have to erase the usr and create a new one is there another way ?
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Post by nml375 »

You could enable/use the addhost/ident msg commands, you could add "better" (wider) and/or more hostmasks that better suits the host(s) you use, you could telnet to your bot and manually add new hostmasks using the .+host dcc-partyline command...

(As already suggested by Nor7on and YooHoo)
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