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Botnet error: "bot is not on the botnet"

General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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Botnet error: "bot is not on the botnet"

Post by DJZacharia »

i have setup a botnet with two windrops running on the same machine. the botnet seems to work in respect to: user file transfer, and linking.
but, the hub bot does not seem to be recognized by the leaf bot, on certain prompts:
Tcl error [::addquote::isAddquote]: bot is not on the botnet
is an error i constantly recieve by the leaf bot, on certain channel commands. when i perform the same commands on the hub bot, there is no error displayed, and everything works fine.

when i perform a ".bots" prompt in a DCC chat, it shows both bots as being added(with their telnet nicks) (on the hub and leaf bots).
on ".who" on the hub and leaf, both bots seem to appear.
so, my question is, what might be the reason for the leaf bot not registering the hub as a bot (ie: saying "bot is not on the botnet"), even though the bots are clearly linked, and trading user files?

thanks to whomever can help.
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Post by Moonster »

One thing to make sure is add your hub bot to itself. On your hub bot do .whois hub and if it doesnt list its info you need to add it.

Usually if you dont add the hub to the botnet when bots link they override their userfile with the one sent from the hub so if the hub isnt on its own listing the other bots will "forget" it.

But the other issue could be a tcl script your running that causes that error. If your running any special tcls try turning them off and see what happens.
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Re: Botnet error: "bot is not on the botnet"

Post by YooHoo »

DJZacharia wrote:

Code: Select all

  Tcl error [::addquote::isAddquote]: bot is not on the botnet 
This is not a default tcl error, this comes from some script you added. My suggestion is to open your tcl and read it thoroughly :mrgreen:
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Post by DJZacharia »

i too initially thought it was a tcl error, but, i forgot to mention this:
when i ".whois hub" this is what i see:

[ 3:33pm ] <HubBot> [15:31] #ME# whois Hub
[ 3:33pm ] <HubBot> Hub no 0 abfloAP never (nowhere)
[ 3:33pm ] <HubBot> BOT FLAGS: ghp
[ 3:33pm ] <HubBot> ADDRESS:
[ 3:33pm ] <HubBot> users: 6280, bots: 6280
if you check under "LAST" it says "never (nowhere)" and this is the same result on both the hub and leaf bot. now, if i do ".who" on the leaf bot this is what i see:
[3:39:51pm] <LeafBot> Bots connected:
[3:39:51pm] <LeafBot> [09] <-+Hub (12 Dec 15:30) eggdrop v1.6.19+SSL <MYNET>
so obviously the bots are connected, i assume, if they show up on the .who prompt.
also, i did add the Hub bot to the bot list on the hub, figuring i would need to because of the userfile transfer.
so i'm still at a loss....
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