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2 Eggdrops to "Guard" each other?

General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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2 Eggdrops to "Guard" each other?

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the following case:

I've got a private irc server, which runs one eggdrop, and no servs.

The Bot there is the only assurance the chan won't be taken over, now if someone i formerly trusted deops my Bot, how could he regain?

All that came into my mind was creating a second Eggdrop whichs only function is to guard the first one by auto oping it.

How to realise it or could i even give that eggdrop the ability not to be deopped by others since i host the ircd by myself?
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Post by raider2k »

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bind mode - * yourmodeproc
can be used to check if the mode of someone changed, in example if your channel bot gets deopped, just compare if its -o and if the nick is the nick of your bot, if both match, reop.

nevertheless I wouldnt do it like this to be honest since both bots can be deopped at the same time, or lets say within a period of a time the 2nd bot wouldnt be able to do anything at all.

so my suggestion would be to keep that one bot, user a mode bind as above, and if your bot sees that it has been deopped just pushmode +o $botnick and thats it. operoveride its called
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Post by nml375 »

In "normal" scenarios, you'd have two or more eggdrops linked in a botnet, preferrably sharing userfiles. You'd then use some "botnetop" extension (several available, including the getops.tcl script included in eggdrop's source distributions, and the botnetop and getops modules available from

Since most, if not all ircd's support multiple mode changes in a single command, a malicious user would be able to deop atlest 3 bots at once, with some servers as many as 6. To be safe, you'd generally need atleast one more opped eggdrop, but the more the better.

Of course, the best protection is not opping these malicious users in the first place.

Now, you're using a private server. That changes the picture somewhat, as you are in control of the server. Generally, ircd's don't grant the server admins abilities such as "can't be deopped" or "op myself" - yet some arcane servers do. What you'll always have access to, is the KILL command, as well as G/K-lines and i-lines, which will prevent a malicious user from doing much further harm, once detected.
Since you did not state what kind of server you are running, it's hard to say what extended features might be available to protect your eggdrops or channels..
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Post by YooHoo »

seems like simple solution.

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.chanset [channel] +revenge
take revenge on anyone who deops or kicks friends or ops

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.chanset [channel] +revengebot
take revenge on anyone who deops or kicks the bot

as well as doing as nml375 suggested, linking the bots together, and enabling sharing. Hope that helped :)
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