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Strange Tcl command errors

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Strange Tcl command errors

Post by arfer »

I am getting strange Tcl command errors

Example 1

I make a deliberate mistake sourcing a script. Filename omitted.
.tcl source scripts/
On some bots I get the correct error
Tcl error: couldn't read file "scripts/": illegal operation on a directory
On other bots I get something akin to the following
Tcl error: invalid command name "Ê&ž
Example 2

I attempt to trace a Tcl error
.tcl set errorInfo
If an error has occured I get the correct response, for example
Tcl: can not find channel named "sock11"
Tcl: while executing
Tcl: "eof $sock"
If no error has occured I get (similar to Example 1 above)
Tcl: invalid command name "“'ž
Anybody else seen this, or more importantly can explain it?
I must have had nothing to do
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