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recomended eggdrop scripts?

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recomended eggdrop scripts?

Post by cube »

Hi everyone

im kinda new to the whole eggdrop thing, but i have now set up 6 bots.
They all are working relativly perfect in the botnet. Im currently using netbots 4.10 to handle the administration of these bots. i have enabled botnetop and chanlimit.

Now what im wondering, are there any other scripts that are useful to run on a botnet? to help security or administration or just to be a fun addition to the channel.

im also just curious what scripts everyone is using on their bots.
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Post by demond »

I use my own scripts only:
  • spambuster - distributed anti-spam feature
  • ircd - unique IRC server emulator (the relay script)
  • tcm - drone-monitoring operscript, TCM addy
  • rconsole - remote console & botnet control
  • rssnews - RSS newsfeeds announcer
  • xchannel - all-purpose channel protection
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