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Store selected information.

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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Store selected information.

Post by Liteqh »

Hi, im running a bnc company and im getting tired of users asking to change their passwords as they forget them. Is there a possibility that i can get a script that would store the information i tell it to, like i start a task with the bot lik $startstore and then type $email and so on untill i have added the the information i need then close it with $endstore. I have also toy'd with the idea of having it in one big file rather than a file per client, just add perhaps a $search feature that would go through the file and show me the results of the matching details.

Thankyou in advance.
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Post by greenbear »

yea this is sooooo related to eggdrop
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Post by Sir_Fz »


Code: Select all

# File
set bncinfofile "scripts/bncinfo.txt"

# Information
set bncinfo {name email password}

bind msg n bncadd bnc:info:add
bind msg n bncget bnc:info:get

proc bnc:info:add {nick uhost hand arg} {
 global bncinfofile bncinfo
  set c 0
  foreach i $bncinfo {
   append info "$i: [lindex [split $arg] $c] "
   incr c
  puts [set f [open $bncinfofile a]] $info
  close $f
proc bnc:info:get {nick uhost hand arg} {
 global bncinfofile
 foreach i [split [read [set f [open $bncinfofile]]] \n][close $f] {
  if {[string equal -nocase [lindex $i 1] [lindex [split $arg] 0]]} {
   puthelp "notice $nick :$i" ; set found 1
 if {![info exists found]} {
  puthelp "notice $nick :[lindex [split $arg] 0] was not found in the DB."
bncadd <name> <email> <password> (depends on "set bncinfo")
bncget <name>