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looking for !Ep working script

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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looking for !Ep working script

Post by walla1454 »

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[18:32:27] <DK> !ep O.c
[18:32:29] <Gollum> Title: The O.C.
[18:32:32] <Gollum> Latest Ep: 54 :: S3 E4 :: 29 Sep 05 :: The Last Waltz
[18:32:33] <Gollum> Next Ep: 55 :: S3 E5 :: 3 Nov 05 :: The Perfect Storm
looking for this script ^
i search the tcl archive but the script there doesnt work..also searched at google :X
if anyone have it plz give me a link thx :)
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Post by JAFO »

Check this one ... c&start=20

Wonder if you get the same error as InsideTheBox , coz on my box al works perfectly.