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Changing Internal Command's Bind Flags

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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Changing Internal Command's Bind Flags

Post by QuePID »

I am wanting to change the bind flags for certain eggdrop internal commands (such as .+host and .-host).

I mainly want to those with +o flag to be able to add/remove their own hostmasks within the bot as well as those of others. Which normally requires +m flag.

I tried adding the following two lines to the eggdrop's config file:
unbind dcc t|m +host *dcc:+host
bind dcc o|o +host *dcc:+host
unbind dcc t|m -host *dcc:-host
bind dcc o|o -host *dcc:-host

I then did a rehash and sure enough doing ".binds dcc all" showed the binds that I specified for .+host and .-host. But people with global and/or local op flags could not change others hostmasks. Instead they received a message saying "You can't add hostmasks to non-bots."

Any suggestions on how to get this working?
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Post by spock »

remove that "if" in cmd_pls_host (cmds.c) and rebuild your bot