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rehash command

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rehash command

Post by romain »


I've this script

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bind pub n|n !restart  pub:restart 
proc pub:restart { nick uhost handle chan arg } { 
   foreach user [chanlist $chan] { 
      if {[isop $user $chan]} { 
         putquick "notice $user:blabla.." 
But egg restart before all ops receive the notice.With a timer it's possible but timer varies with the ops number.It's possible to make the script who works some is the ops number??

Sorry for my bad english :oops:
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Post by Sir_Fz »

You simply need to figure out what's the most suitable timer to use (i.e. how much time does the bot need to send the notice to all ops).
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De Kus
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Post by De Kus »

does your network support op-notice or multi-target privmsg? else just take 1sec and incr it with each op by 1 :D.
De Kus
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Post by spock »

rename putquick to stop other scripts from using it in the last few seconds before restart, clear mode queue (see "clearqueue mode" in tcl-commands.doc), and dont restart until "queuesize mode" is sufficiently small

edit: and you would obviously do your notice stuff right after clearing the queue