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how can i disable the mode-queue ?

Discussion of Eggdrop's code and module programming in C.
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how can i disable the mode-queue ?

Post by T4nc »

Hi guys,

i would like to know how I can disable the mode-queue at the start of the eggdrop.
I have tried to change some things like setting the msgrate value to 0 in the source of the server.mod but this didn't solved the problem.
My bot is joining more than 100 Channel on the network and while he is doing this after a restart the queue gets filled. The Bot got a special user-class so he does not have any flood restrictions.

Does anyone got experience with this ?
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Post by user »

Edit server.c (#define msgrate 0) and recompile.
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Post by MrStonedOne »

my bot is oper and i have it sajoining itself to all the channels on its list (it then parts inactive channels)

Code: Select all

putnow "sajoin $::botnick [join [channels] ,]"
add something like that inside of a init-server evnt bind

Note: putnow is a tcl proc i have that uses putdccraw.

Code: Select all

proc putnow {a {options "0"}} {
append a "\n"
putdccraw 0 [string length $a] $a
rename putserv ""
rename putquick ""
rename puthelp ""
proc putserv {text {options "0"}} {
  putnow $text
proc putquick {text {options "0"}} {
  putnow $text
proc puthelp {text {options "0"}} {
  putnow $text
also, from testing the msgrate to 0 trick should work, just make sure to make distclean and fully recompile
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Post by thommey »

As of eggdrop1.6.20 there will be an internal "putnow" command and "putdccraw" will be gone.
So I'd recommend:

Code: Select all

if {[catch {package require eggdrop 1.6.20}]} {
  proc putnow {text args} {
    set text "[string trim $text]\r\n"
    putdccraw 0 [string length $text] $text
  foreach cmd {putserv putquick puthelp} {
    if {[info commands ${cmd}_r] eq ""} {
      rename $cmd ${cmd}_r
      interp alias {} $cmd {} putnow
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Post by pseudo »

In addition to the putnow command, msgrate is now a config variable "msg-rate" and you no longer need to recompile in order to change it.
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