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How to test tcl scripts

Discussion of Eggdrop's code and module programming in C.
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How to test tcl scripts

Post by trivium1981 »

Hi is there any program to test tcl scripts without using eggdrop and connectiong to irc? I am new to this thing and when I test the tcl script on eggdrop I have to connect to the bot and irc to test it. Can I do it offline using only my computer? Like making website using microsoft's frontpage (Old School) and have it tested offline.
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Post by caesar »

Apart the tclsh envroiment? I honestly don't know. Since the TCL language is used here mostly oriented towards eggdrop you will need to reinvent some of it's functions to mimic some of the results and this helps to some extent, but in the end you will have to load the code on a bot and test stuff out.
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How to test tcl scripts

Post by willyw »

This is not a direct answer to your question. You reminded me of it though.

To test / learn / experiment with a tcl command that is new to me, I've learned to utilize the partyline command:

Same for when I want to experiment with a new proc that I'm writing.
Since a proc is just a named group of commands, it can be called just as if you created a new command with the proc name. So I call it using the .tcl command.

It's quick and easy.

The errors show up, I debug, and try again. Once I get past it, THEN I try it with the full script, however it is designed to be used.

I hope this helps.
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