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PLTools - New party-lines commands

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PLTools - New party-lines commands

Post by CrazyCat »

This script add some PL commands:

All commands are accessible to global +m (master) or to local +n (owner). If the user is +n, the results are restricted to the channels he owns.

.getattr <attribute>: Return the value of <attribute> for each channel
.toggle <flag attribute> [channel]: Toggle the attribute (must be of type flag) on channel or all channels if none targeted
.achannels [attr]: Return list of channels with attr enables
.mcset [#chan[,#chan]] <[+|-]attr> [value] [+|-attr [value]] [+|-attr [value]]: Mass change value of attributes. See examples below.

As said before, if user is local +n, only the channels he owned will be affected. Strings containing spaces or empty string must be encapsuled in {}
  • .mcset need-op {} need-invite {putserv "PRIVMSG $::owner :Invite me!"} mytest {}: This will empty need-op and mytest (string or int) and set putserv "PRIVMSG $::owner :Invite me!" in need-invite
  • .mcset #chan1,#chan2 +guard -bitch wmsg {"hello guys"}: This will turn guard on, bitch off and set wmsg to "hello guys" on #chan1 and #chan2
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