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TheGamesDb or Giantbomb search API TCL

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TheGamesDb or Giantbomb search API TCL

Post by Henkie2 »

Hi all, i was looking and no results found on any TCL scripts for (TGDB) the games DB or Giantbomb. It's like TVDB and IMDB only this one for the latest games.
I'm looking for a API called search tcl script.

set url " ... me=$search

That shows the basic json data from url to #channel with trigger !game <title_of_game> ?platform? (?is optinional?)
show data: Title / Releasedate / Genre / Platform / URL

Hope someone can help on this one. Or give me a basic so that i have a start to code and will try to learn and code this script :) (keep in mind i'm still a retard on coding)
Get your API key here,
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