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Ignore all commands in a channel

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Ignore all commands in a channel

Post by Gordon »

Hello, this is seemingly easy request, but i don't know.

Is there a script or config that will make bot deaf to any commands (with defined prefix like "!") in a selected channel?
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Re: Ignore all commands in a channel

Post by CrazyCat »

Sorry but no.
You can peharps find a way by catching them with pubm and "return 1" if it's in a channel you want the ignore active (if exclusive-bind is set to 1) but it could become heavy resources consumming.

Whick kind of comands do you want to ignore and where/why ?
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Re: Ignore all commands in a channel

Post by simo »

your using the wrong aproach you should have the public !commands restricted to the channels you want them to be used in i would use for example setudef for that.
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