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Posts with non-descriptive subject lines may be deleted

Requests for complete scripts or modifications/fixes for scripts you didn't write. Response not guaranteed, and no thread bumping!
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Posts with non-descriptive subject lines may be deleted

Post by slennox »

Please note that, as of today, new posts with subject lines that do not sufficiently describe the content of the post may be deleted.

Examples of poor subject lines include:
  • help me
  • Looking for a script
  • Tcl Help
  • I need help
  • request
  • I have a small problem.. plz help
  • help with something please.
"Generic" subject lines like these, that do little to describe the content of the post, can be very annoying for helpers who trawl through many different posts and need a way to properly distinguish between them.

Note that this doesn't mean you should use fifteen words in every subject line. For example, "DCC problem" is adequate, "Can't DCC chat to bot" is better, while "help me" is unacceptable.