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Tcl help, just not quite eggdrop...

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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Tcl help, just not quite eggdrop...

Post by ppslim »

Goood evening one and all. Yes it's me, I have returned, and what is more, it is me that needs your help this time folks.

I am now back in the Unemployment corner, but I am keeping myself active, mainly in the user support comunity, but just not dedicating my time to eggdrop any more.

Instead, I am now one of two lead developers on a popular UK site aimed at a UK ISPs customers base, but cateters for pretty much any UK ISP.

My problem is that I am trying to parse external content, using Perl, PHP or Tcl and now for the past 2 weeks, myself and the other developer have been having no luck.

The content in question is THIS page.

I need to get a Tcl list (hell, PHP or perl spitting back CSV data will do) of the content of the member name, join/retire, CPU time, points and units returned. This must be the contents of those columns as is.

Any help for an old hand would be excelent
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Post by demond »

Code: Select all

package require http
set count 0
set t [::http::geturl $yourURL]
foreach line [split [::http::data $t] \n] {
  if {$count == 5} {set count 0; continue}
  if {[string match *compare.htm* $line] || $count} {
    regsub -all -- <\[^>\]*> $line "" stuff
    lappend yourlist [string trim $stuff]
    incr count
::http::cleanup $t
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