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Stats Mod webstats Page in https?

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Stats Mod webstats Page in https?

Post by mvp1 »

Hi everyone,
I'm running a stats mod on an eggdrop, and it's working fine, even the webstats page is working fine. The webstats page it generates is "http" and NOT "https" (and I could not find much documentation around for help). I am setting up a website (and most websites these days are https) and I want to embed that stats mod webpage into that website, but it doesn't work.
I guess the question is, is there any way we could set up the stats mod to generate the web stats page as a "https"? instead of http.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
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Post by CrazyCat »

What do you mean ? A web page has no scheme, it's your host (apache/nginx/...) which will determine if you use http or https, depending on its configuration.

Can you show us your trouble (with an url or the logs?). If the trouble is with the announcement of the stat page, there is probably a setting in the module where you can enter the url (I don't think the module guesses it)
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