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import channel banlist

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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import channel banlist

Post by Pitchat »


often when you put your eggdrop on a new channel there is already some bans in the channel banlist that was set before the eggdrop join .

I wonder if it is possible to import that channel banlist and include it in the bot channel banlist .

any comments welcome

thanks for the help you give me in the past the present and hopefully in the future :)
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chan banlist

Post by subtlepoint »

i could see how this would be useful, might need to post in Scripting Help
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Post by Sir_Fz »

This belongs in the "Script requests" forum. This should do what you asked for:

Code: Select all

bind join - * add:bans {

proc add:bans {nick uhost hand chan} {
 if {![isbotnick $nick]} {return 0}
 foreach ban [chanbans $chan] {
  if {![isban [lindex $ban 0] $chan]} {
   newchanban $chan [lindex $ban 0] [lindex $ban 1] "Set by [lindex $ban 1]" [expr {[lindex $ban 2]/60}]