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I need very simple extention. pls help me

Old posts that have not been replied to for several years.
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I need very simple extention. pls help me

Post by IRCNick »

# Sendftp v1.01 (12/6/97) by Ernst <>
# Ernst's eggdrop page:
# =============================================================================

# This is a proc to send a file via FTP to another server. Useful in many
# situations, for example to upload a HTML file generated by eggdrop to your
# www server if it is not the same as your eggdrops machine.

# Change this to something to use to check if a host is alife.
# set pingcheck "" to disable this checking.
# "/bin/ping -c 1" works on Linux. Try just "/bin/ping" on other machines
# Set to "" to disable this checking
set pingcheck "/bin/ping -c 1"

# Include it with 'source scripts/sendftp.tcl'. Call it with all parameters:
# sendftp <localfile> <server> <user> <password> <remotefile>
# 'localfile' and 'remotefile' *must* both be given as FULL paths to the
# filenames, the first on the local, the second on the remote server.
# For example:
# sendftp /home/bill/stats.htm bill secret /bgates/WWW/stats.htm
# (local-file server user pass remote-file)

proc sendftp { localfile server user pass remotefile } {
global pingcheck
if {![file exist $localfile]} {
return "sendftp: File $localfile does not exist."
if {$pingcheck != ""} {
if {[catch {exec [lindex $pingcheck 0] [lrange $pingcheck 1 end] $server > /dev/null 2> /dev/null}]} {
return "sendftp: Machine $server seems to be dead."
set noftp [catch {set ftpprog [exec which ftd]}]
if {$noftp} {
if {[file executable /usr/bin/ftp]} {
set ftpprog /usr/bin/ftp
set noftp 0
if {[file executable /bin/ftp]} {
set ftpprog /bin/ftp
set noftp 0
if {$noftp} { return "sendftp: You don't seem to have the 'ftp' tool" }
set pipe [open "|$ftpprog -n $server" w]
puts $pipe "user $user $pass"
puts $pipe "bin"
puts $pipe "put $localfile $remotefile"
puts $pipe "quit"
close $pipe
return 1
This script send a file normally if you use the command through partyline, but I need to be seted in the script the variables like :
$remotefile (remotedir where to save the $localfile)

and to be added a timer to send the file every x minutes to server.

I think this will be not very complecated to extend the sctipt but I have no experience with tcl/tk.

Thank you