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Can I run an eggdrop off my rooted android phone?

General support and discussion of Eggdrop bots.
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Can I run an eggdrop off my rooted android phone?

Post by R-WaT »

After rooting my android I wondered if I could run an eggdrop through it. There is a terminal emulator app I use to shoot commands through it.

Would this be possible? Lets be the first...
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Post by evotech »

Most likely possible! Try it out, let us know

idk why you would but :P
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Post by Pixelz »

Your first step would be to get Tcl to compile on it, if you can manage that, you could probably get Eggdrop to run as well.
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Also curious

Post by Gewan »

Almighty alrighty then..

I know this thread is ~six months old, but I Google'd my way to it, and are really up for this challenge. "IDK why you would", someone wrote. Well. Smartphones don't require much power, so if one has a good Internet connection at home, and wish to run an eggdrop 24/7, yet not have a server machine eating >50w constantly, then perhaps a "smartphone server" -- located with a fixed charge cable in the closet -- would be a great idea. So, any update on this? Has anyone actually managed to pull it through? Would be awesome to hear from you.
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Post by anotheregglover »

Forget about installing tcl on your phone. I did google that and some devs said that it would be difficult. Nevermind, I found a better solution.

You can install debian or ubuntu linux directly on top of android.

Few related links. ... ight=linux ... n-android/

Look it up for your phone. For now it looks promising. Haven't tested it yet.

But if it works, would be great. A new eggdrop running on a very economy friendly server, with low electricity coasts. (messured 3,2 or 3,4 W while charing, with no load, not installed yet, but doub't linux and eggdrop will eat so much more)
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Post by desired »

Tested it and works very reliable for me. Only remaining problem (maybe no problem for you):

I hope I do not have to hack around and to create my own Cyanogenmod ROM built... ... vice-java/
eggdrop running on Android powered mobile phone - Yes, it is possible! - Very reliable.
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Any news?

Post by Gewan »

Updates on this matter? Would eg. a Samsung Galaxy Mini suffice for running AndroidUbuntu (with eggdrop) without too much dazzle?
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