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Spelling error catcher

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Spelling error catcher

Post by charleygoldberg »


Modern vacuum cleaners are now equipped with lift-away technology that allows users to switch the vacuum to handheld mode for cleaning stairs. However, if you are living in a three-floor house or more, you may feel annoyed to change the plugging position, carry the machine, extract and reassemble the main unit many times. So, if you are looking for an additional compact device for clean stairs, we would like to introduce you to some of the best choices reviewed by Joseph French, an experienced writer in the Home and Garden segment.


You can see this handheld vacuum on the Amazon product site with an average rating of 4.3 over 5 stars. If you use this vacuum for stairs or limited spaces such as sofas, this machine is even better than other upright vacuums you have ever known.

Max Flex comes with a brush for pet hair, a crevice tool, a 2-in-1 hose, another nozzle with 4 feet and a charging deck. It weighs only 3.2 pounds, much lighter than traditional models and easy to carry upstairs and downstairs. Max Flex is a compact machine so you can feel comfortable using it without bending your back too much. The canister of this model is removable and easy to see how much it contains with a look. Emptying it is a dust-free task, which means your hands won’t get dirty or no debris will come out.

With a wattage of 24AW and a lithium-ion battery, Max Flex brings users powerful suction with amazing consistency. In general, Max Flex received the best Amazon product reviews for cleaning small spaces.



The second-best machine mentioned on the TheKingLive website is a model from Shark: Rocket Ultra-light. However, the build consistency of this handheld machine is even more highly appreciated than Max Flex.

Similar to many Shark models, Rocket Ultra-light comes with a filtration system of a HEPA filter and 2 pre-motor ones that are washable. They are recommended to be washed once a month.

There are some reasons that this model didn’t receive great product reviews like Max Flex. The canister is about 0.41 liter, not too small but a little bit difficult to empty, sometimes you need to use your fingers to take all the debris out. Some people said the 15-feet power cord is not long enough while some considered it quite heavy when attaching some tools. However, Rocket Ultra-light still provides powerful suction for cleaning stairs, furniture or other small spaces.



You may hardly find any Amazon products at below $25 that receive top product reviews like this Eureka handheld vacuum. Weighing below 5 pounds with a 16-inch length and a 6-inch cleaning path, this model is the pride of Amazon that is very comfortable to use for even teenagers or senior citizens.

Similar to Max Flex and Rocket Ultra-light, Eureka Easy clean is good at tidying small messes and less effective at wide-range cleaning. A remarkable element of this model is an 18-inch nozzle and a 20-feet cord, which allow users to expand the machine up to 3 times, quite far longer than the above models.


You may find the best products that are good at cleaning both floors and stairs at much more expensive prices, but wise users usually choose to own 2 machines for single purposes at a lower cost for each. If you agree with the second option, try the above vacuums.

Address: 4150 Portillo Rd #29, Spring Hill, FL 34608, United States
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Post by CrazyCat »

It's impossible because of two things:
1. eggdrop reacts when you send to the server, it can't see what you're typing in your client
2. how can eggdrop know what is a typo and what is not a typo ? based on a dictionnary ? too much words to check, too heavy to do.
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