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Problem with irccloud

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Problem with irccloud

Post by ethanmiles »

Hello everyone,
I'm coming back to you about irccloud before when I was doing examples .a uDc akill au .g it only takes my uid433550@ now it takes the entire ip of irccloud: something I have a lot of Users who uses Irccloud and its penalizes everyone.

Can someone please help me?


Code: Select all

       if {[set chost [getchanhost $nick2 $c]] ne ""} {
        switch -glob -- $chost {
            {*} - {*} - {*} - {*.5A29D2BF.IP} {
                scan $chost {%[^@]} ident2
                putnow "OS AKILL ADD +3 *[string trimleft $ident2@* "~"] $reason"
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Post by caesar »

I fail to see what's wrong with the stuff you posted, so can you provide an example?

Replace the 'putnow' with 'putlog', rehash the bot and issue a command to see what's the output.
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Post by CrazyCat »

Small tip: rather than recreate by the hand the banmask, you can use maskhost with the appropriate type
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