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On Idle v3.0.2 by MC_8 - Carl M. Gregory

Support & discussion of released scripts, and announcements of new releases.
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On Idle v3.0.2 by MC_8 - Carl M. Gregory

Post by fusionx »

Is anyone familiar with this script? It works great in my test channel, but in a live channel with 100+ users, it's not.

I've created all new timers, etc, and there are always users in there over the idle time limit. I've shut down the bot, restarted, etc, and it doesn't execute the commands. Here's the settings I have on the timer for that channel (this is the report the script gives for that timer):

Code: Select all

[10:47] <botNick> On Idle: Idle timers list: all
[10:47] <botNick>  [  1] Timer: 720 minutes
[10:47] <botNick>         Channels: #channame
[10:47] <botNick>         Exempt Ops: yes
[10:47] <botNick>         Exempt Halfops: yes
[10:47] <botNick>         Exempt Voices: yes
[10:47] <botNick>         Exempt Flags: -|-
[10:47] <botNick>         Banmask: 3 - *!*user@*.domain
[10:47] <botNick>         Commands:
[10:47] <botNick>           /ban %channel %nick 1 /kick %channel %nick Idle times over 12 hours. This is a one minute ban to prevent auto-rejoin.
The script is loading fine, no errors. There is nothing in the log other than this script writing to a data file every hour.

I've read through the script, thinking that maybe it only watches for time limits based on when the bot first saw the user, but I see it loads the users when it enters then channel, and gets their current idle time. Same when a user joins, it gets the current idle time, and maintains it through text, actions, etc, even changing the channel topic, and of course when the nick parts the channel.

My test channel has the same timer set up and works every time. It's frustrating :)

Edit: I'd ask him, but he no longer controls the domain, email address, etc :(
Edit 2: If you want to check out the script, you can find it here, about halfway down the list - On Idle: ... =0&sub.y=0
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