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Things to do before posting..

Help for those learning Tcl or writing their own scripts.
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Things to do before posting..

Post by caesar »

1. Keep in mind that this forum is led by volunteers, that means we don't get paid for answering (unless otherwise).

2. Check the Registration Agreement (aka Forum Rules) if you haven't done that before and pay attention on what it says.

3. 1. If you got a question check the Search function of the forum for answers and try to solve it by yourself based on the findings.

4. Consult the doc/tcl-commands.doc file and/or even the TCL Manual if you are looking for a TCL command or for some instructions on how to use it.

5. If you need an TCL script first check the Tcl Archive page.

6. Do not spam, avoid double posting (is to have 2 continuous posts in the same thread. There's an 'edit' button you can use if you forgot to say something) and multi-posting. This forum is not an competition for who got the highest number of posts. What is important is the quality, not how many posts you have. Stick on topic! The sinner is not only the person who changes the subject, the one who follows is in guilty party too. Make new threads if you want to discuss something apart the threads you are reading. Avoid insulting other members of the board and they way they write TCL scripts/snippets and be nice.

7. If you got a script from the Tcl Archive (or from other site) and you get some errors while using a tcl script first contact the author (or authors where's the case) and tell him/her about what errors you get. This it's called 'feedback' and he/she should get one since you downloaded and used his/her TCL script.

8. Also read Help us to help you and do what it says before posting.

PS: Oh, and if you will broke one of this rules the you'll probably find your post/reply in the Junk Yard section, from where it will be pruned (erased completely) after 7 days.

Edit: Rules update.
2nd edit: Updated TCL Archive link.
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