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"get-egg" shortcut command to install eggdrop bot

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"get-egg" shortcut command to install eggdrop bot

Post by mondino »

Hi there;

I want to install eggdrop on my vps (globally with root) so that I allow users to just log in, type get-egg, fill in few info (Nickname, Alt-Nickname,Username, Network, Server, Server Port, BindHost, etc...) which will be reflected in the eggdrop bot .conf file and be able to launch to IRC.

I have a sample of the .conf file (very small compared to the original eggdrop.conf installed with the package) I can share.

can anyone help on that?

Thank you
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Post by heartbroken »

I know some Ircd shell providers using these kind of auto installation scripts for their customers. ( some of these type of .sh scripts already shared in some Ircd forums!)
Your "request" actually it doesn't related to the eggdrop nor eggdrop-Tcl itself!
This request may be done with bash shell scripting or could be done with
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Post by nobody »

did you find an answer for this bro?
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